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Prayer Rooms

On Campus

Portland Building
Brothers Prayer Room – D139
Sisters Prayer Room – E43

Xu Yafen Building
Brothers Prayer Room – B05
Sisters Prayer Room – B02

Queens’ Medical Centre
East Block, D Floor, Next to the Restaurant

Multi-faith prayer room – from the main entrance go past the reception
to the far end of the corridor, by the double doors to studio 7 you will find
a single door marked ‘Prayer Room’.

Off Campus

4A Evelyn St, Beeston, NG9 2EN
Perfect if you can’t make to Portland Building in time; downside is it’s only open during jamaat prayer times.

3-5 Lenton Boulevard, Lenton, NG7 2ET

398 Alfreton Rd, Radford, NG7 5NG
A popular masjid with the local Muslim community, beautiful recitation and a
number of weekly classes.

3 Curzon St, NG3 1DG
This is a large facility well equipped facility with entrances at the back of the building

4-5 Angel Row, NG1 6HL
MashaAllah located in the very centre of town, if you ask the staff to use their
downstairs prayer room they kindly lend it to passing Muslims.

Eating Halal

On Campus

Portland Building Food Court
LOVE CHICKEN JOES – A unique range of freshly made chicken kebabs, wraps and pittas
ITEM 7 – A taste of Caribbean cuisine, with a range of rices, meat and plantain.

Derby Hall
(The dining hall, not the American diner)
Similar food to Chicken Joes, but serves alternative options; curly fries,
salads, muffins and sweets etc. Menu changes daily, occasionally including a
tasty zinger burgers.

( E.g. Libraries, Department Canteens)
Through a strong effort by previous committees, Alhamdulillah these places now stock a few halal sandwich options – just look out for the halal label on the front!

Atrium (Food Court)
LOVE CHICKEN JOES – The same as the Portland description, additionally this
outlet has a tasty fried chicken fillet burger

Off Campus

117 High Rd, Beeston, NG9 2LH
(0115 922 8509)

491 Alfreton Rd, Radford, NG7 5NH
(0115 978 2114)

75 Alfreton Rd, Radford, NG7 3JL
(0115 924 0741)

78-83 Radford Rd, Hyson Green, NG7 5DR
(0115 978 0000)

118 Radford Road, Hyson Green, NG7 5FW
(0115 978 7896)

152 Sneiton Dale, Sneiton, NG2 4HJ
(0115 924 3224)

A Quick Guide to Housing

Housing & Accomodation

So it’s come to that time of the year again where we all consider our housing options for the next academic year. I know this can seem like a daunting prospect but we’ve written a quick guide to all your options for the next year as well as how ISOC can help you.


  • Food provided
  • Bills paid for in advance
  • Close to all departments so easily walkable
  • Have the option of a range of room types including shared bathroom, en-suite, shared flat and your own flat
  • On campus – security available
  • Room cleaned for you


  • Can often be more expensive than living in a house
  • May be loud (depending on neighbours)
  • No facilities to cook your own food unless you choose to have a flat/share a flat with a friend

(Raleigh Park and Broadgate Park)


  • Bills paid for in advance
  • Option to cook your own food
  • Can choose who you want to stay with as well as the option of female only flats
  • Range of sites with varying distances from UP
  • Security included
  • Communal areas cleaned for you (depending on the site and room type  – so check beforehand)


  • Again, more expensive than staying in a house
  • May be loud depending on neighbours
  • Can be a longer walk to uni depending on which site you stay on and where you go for lectures
  • Need to clean your own room


  • Bills included
  • Cheaper than halls
  • More freedom to do what you want (in a good way of course!) A massive plus!


  • Can depend on who you choose to live with as to how good an experience this is – so choose wisely
  • Need to distribute chores
  • Need to be more alert about staying safe, for example locking doors


  • Cheaper than halls
  • More freedom – a massive plus!


  • Again, depends who you choose to live with
  • Need to split bills and sort out who will sort them out
  • Need to distribute chores
  • Need to be more alert about staying safe, for example locking doors etc


  • Free!
  • Food provided, bills paid for


  • Only feasible if you live close enough to commute to uni
  • May not have the same ‘university experience’ as others who move away from home do

There are a few main areas that students normally live in from UoN and these include Lenton, Dunkirk, Beeston and Wollaton. People normally choose where to stay according to where their course is based. After choosing/finding your housemates, choose an area you all want to live in before starting house hunting! Make sure you are all looking for common ideals in your house and have agreed on a similar budget. And remember starting early does not necessarily mean you have the best deal; some people find very good deals in March but the earlier you start the better. Most people sign a contract in Jan/Feb.

The main ways people find housing is either online themselves or through an agent. Online, Unipol and Rightmove are good websites. Agent wise, Nicholas Humphreys is well known but remember agents charge you extra for finding you a house.

How can ISOC help?

As ISOC is a student-run organisation itself, ISOC can’t actually find you a house or sign contracts personally but we can find you potential housemates and point you in the right direction. As we are students ourselves, any advice we give is through our own experiences/other people’s experiences so please bare this in mind!

We hope this has helped you and if you need more information, please contact us.

Unsure about Something?

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to help you as best as we can.