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The Islamic Society (ISOC) is one of the many student-run organisations that make up the Students’ Union. We represent and cater for the spiritual and social needs of the Muslim students, staff and associates of the University of Nottingham.

The aim of this society is to create an atmosphere in which Muslims have the opportunity to organise events, set up study circles and create a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, which our beautiful religion promotes.

You can get involved in the areas of the university you are based, whether it is University Park, Jubilee or Sutton Bonnington. It’s up to you how you wish to make a contribution. You may wish to work with others on your campus to organise a range of fun activities and events. You can also join these with the rest of the Isoc members distributed around the other campuses.

Working within the Isoc will also extend your academic and career skills such as presenting in front of other members, meeting deadlines for events, producing publicity material and keeping accounts of the ingoing’s and outgoings of the Isoc. So, if you’re a marketing, arty, business type of person, or if you simply enjoy attending events this is the place for you. It’s up to you how much you dedicate and work, with a pure intention to please Allah (subuhaanahu wa ta’aala).

The Executive committee is the leadership within the ISoc, that acts to take certain key decisions and overlooks the functioning of the society.

Our Isoc Committee

The society is set up with a core committee and also external committees groups who are heavily involved in arranging exciting events and socials, and also letting people know what Islam is all about, through the ‘Discover Islam Week’ for example. It’s YOUR opportunity to be creative and have your mark on the Islamic society, so get involved.

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